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Warm congratulations to Fan Lingling, Chairman of Rongsheng Company, on her election as Vice President of Hulunbuir Youth Entrepreneurs Association.

On April 18th, the fourth member representative conference of the Hulunbuir Youth Entrepreneurs Association was held. The meeting held a ceremony for the appointment of the honorary president and the conclusion of the friendly business association between the Municipal Youth Enterprise Association and the Youth Chamber of Commerce. The work report of the association and the amendment to the articles of association were reviewed and approved, and the leadership body of the fourth council of the Hulunbuir Youth Enterprise Association was elected. Fan Lingling, Chairman of Dayangshu Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. in Oroqen Autonomous Banner, was elected as the Vice President of Hulunbuir Youth Entrepreneurs Association.

The meeting demanded that young entrepreneurs in the city should always maintain the spirit of "crossing mountains and crossing rivers to build bridges", recognize the situation, inspire their spirit, enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, and fully devote themselves to the new journey of entrepreneurship with full spirit, constantly striving for new achievements. To establish a good image of honesty and trustworthiness, we should combine following market rules with adhering to business ethics, take the path of honest business and law-abiding operation, and establish a good corporate brand and social image in front of the public. We must adhere to the value pursuit of dedicating to society, and continue to extensively participate and dedicate love in fields such as social welfare, rural revitalization, and poverty alleviation. With practical actions of dedicating to society, we will set an example and realize value in promoting the economic revitalization and development of Hulunbuir.

Fan Lingling's Dayangshu Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. in Oroqen Autonomous Banner was founded in 1999. With strong comprehensive strength and outstanding business performance, it has been rated as an excellent private enterprise for many years. It is also a key leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a key leading enterprise in Hulunbuir City, and a leading enterprise in poverty alleviation and development in Oroqen Autonomous Banner.

Rongsheng Company, while continuously developing and growing, never forgets to repay society. We always take "thinking about the source of wealth, striving for prosperity, balancing righteousness and profit, and emphasizing morality" as our own responsibility, consciously assume social responsibility, and devote ourselves to public welfare throughout the year. Nowadays, driven by the leading enterprise Rongsheng Company, Oroqen Banner has developed more than 110000 acres of purple perilla cultivation orders. Three planting bases have been built in Oukenhe Farm, Urubu Tiexiangyang Village, and Naimuhe Forest Farm, driving a total of 537 impoverished households in more than ten townships such as Zhenxing Village, Sipingshan, and Beijiao Village in Dayangshu Town. They have integrated into the development of purple perilla industry chain through free seed distribution, scientific planting training, land transfer, and employment, The average household income has increased by 80 to 100 million yuan, and the poverty alleviation effect is significant.

In 2023, the company will continue to expand the scale of purple perilla cultivation through methods such as order planting, land transfer, free technical training, insured recycling, and the development of rural economy. It will attract more farmers to integrate into the purple perilla industry chain, benefit from physical operation, and lead farmers towards prosperity. On the basis of its existing main business, the enterprise will establish a "Purple Perilla Museum" that integrates planting, production, science popularization, culture, and experience. By constructing a new model of integrated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries that conforms to the local characteristic agriculture, the enterprise will extend the characteristic agricultural industry chain, enhance the deep processing value chain of agricultural products, strengthen technological support, assist rural revitalization, and strive to make the purple Perilla industry a shining business card for agricultural products in Oroqen.


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