About Rong Sheng


Corporate Culture

Oroqen Autonomous Banner Dayangshu Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept of "integrity first, cooperation and win-win" and works together with farmers to advance and retreat; Remembering one's original intention, reflecting on one's source through drinking water, being enthusiastic about public welfare, and giving back to one's hometown have always been the unchanging beliefs of Rongsheng people.

Rongsheng Company will comprehensively promote the construction of perilla seed oil and perilla industry chain, create a pillar new green industry in Inner Mongolia, accelerate enterprise operation, enhance corporate social responsibility, and develop diversified modern agricultural management and development.

Corporate Mission:

Adhere to making world-class safe food, lead farmers to become rich, and contribute to human health.

Corporate culture:

Survival is based on quality, and development is based on integrity.

Corporate Vision:

Be a world-renowned raw material supplier.

Corporate Values:

Make employees more valuable, benefit farmers more, reassure customers more, and make humans healthier

Social responsibility:

The prosperity of a country and a family - the rise and fall of the world are the responsibility of every individual.

A New Method to Assist Rural Development - Leading Farmers to Increase Production and Income, and Being a Leader in Agricultural Industrialization

Guiding a New Concept of Healthy Diet - Ensuring Food Safety at the Dining Table and Making Internationally Standardized Agricultural Products

New ideas for maintaining employee welfare - Let employees feel at ease, happy, and strive for common development and progress

Adhere to the new proposition of protecting the ecological environment - The company implements the concept of green development and harmonizes with nature