About Rong Sheng


Growth process

In 1999, Rongsheng Company was established in Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a registered capital of 500000 yuan, specializing in the acquisition and sales of miscellaneous grains.

In 2000, Rongsheng Company expanded its factory building, increasing its area from 2000 square meters to 8500 square meters.

In 2001, Rongsheng Company sent backbone forces out of Inner Mongolia to explore the Liaoning Dalian market.

In 2008, the company went to Australia to participate in the "International Bean Conference", and since then, the company has participated in major international industry conferences every year.

In 2009, the company registered "Dalian Hualiang International Trade Co., Ltd." in Dalian, Liaoning, and went abroad to enter the global international market.

In 2010, the company relocated and expanded its factory, covering an area of over 40000 square meters and a factory building of over 15000 square meters; The registered capital is RMB 20 million.

In 2011, the company was registered as a kidney bean seed production and processing enterprise.

In 2013, the company imported 2 sets of "color selection equipment" from Japan; The company's kidney bean products have obtained the "Agricultural Product Geographical Indication Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2014, the company imported two sets of "de stone magnetic suspension ratio correction machine" equipment from Taiwan; The company collaborates with Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Northwest Agricultural University to cultivate and introduce excellent varieties, conduct introduction experiments, and promote them. Successfully cultivated new varieties such as "One Tree Purple Flower", "Columnar Red Flower", and "Columnar Purple Flower"; The company has established a strategic partnership with "Wahaha Group", with an annual sales volume of 2000 tons.

In 2016, the trademark "Bellion" was successfully registered; Fully passed the "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification".

In 2017, Rongsheng Company established the first S&P drone company in Hulunbuir City, providing free training on drone driving skills for farmers.

In 2018, Rongsheng Company's "Bell Emotional Perilla Seed Oil" product obtained the national food production license certification, and kidney beans and soybeans obtained the "Green Food" certificate; Establish a product traceability system to achieve full traceability from raw materials to production processes; In the same year, it was awarded the title of "Excellent Brand in Inner Mongolia".

In 2019, Rongsheng Company was once again awarded the title of "Key Leading Enterprise in the Industrialization of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region"; Fully passed the "ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification" and "HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System Certification".

In 2020, the Beiqing brand of Rongsheng Company was awarded the title of "Inner Mongolia Excellent Brand"; Fan Lingling, the chairman of the company, was named the "2020 Inner Mongolia Brand Character" with a brand value evaluation of 321 million yuan.

In 2021, the Beiqing brand of Rongsheng Company won the honor of "Excellent Brand in Inner Mongolia" one after another; Its perilla seed oil and perilla honey products have become "Top 100 Agricultural Specially Recommended Products in Inner Mongolia", with a brand value evaluation appreciation of 337 million yuan.