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Oroqen Autonomous Banner Dayangshu Rongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established on May 25, 1999 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The company is located on the east side of North Exit Road in Dayangshu Town, south of the Daxing'an Mountains, covering an area of 60000 square meters. The legal representative is Qu Yanwen, and currently has 188 employees, including 17 management personnel and 9 technical personnel. In 2016, Dayangshu Rongsheng Company in Oroqen Autonomous Banner was rated as a leading agricultural enterprise at the autonomous region level.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principle of "survival with quality, development with reputation" and mutual benefit and win-win with farmers, serving the people with integrity, and achieving an integrated production and sales business model. The company currently has over a hundred employees, with professional technical and management talents. There are also production departments, sales departments, marketing departments, research and development departments, technology departments, finance departments, and other departments, and various new production and processing machinery and equipment, as well as research and development and testing equipment, are introduced from South Korea and Japan.

The total assets of the company in 2016 were 40.74 million yuan, with a sales revenue of 120 million yuan. Rongsheng Company covers an area of over 40000 square meters, with warehouses including over 300 square meters of manual selection workshop, over 1500 square meters of cold storage, and over 10000 square meters of steel structure warehouse. Whether it is processing equipment, processing personnel, or processing sites, it is fully capable of integrating, processing, packaging, warehousing, and transportation of scattered products. In 2017, the company raised 3 million yuan from its own funds and added a new perilla oil production line, which is expected to be put into use by the end of the year.

After 18 years of entrepreneurship and development, it has become the only autonomous region level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise in Oroqen Banner that integrates kidney bean production, processing, acquisition, seed production, and export in multiple directions.

Our company sells over 20 varieties of kidney beans, soybeans, wheat, and corn produced in Northeast China. Our company's own brands include: "Belqing" and "Dayangshu Rongsheng". Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Arab countries in the Middle East. At present, our company mainly exports to Cuba, South Africa, Türkiye, Pakistan, France, Italy, Algeria, Iran, India, Japan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Yemen, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica and the United States.

Our company plans to build a well-known brand in the domestic and Korean agricultural product markets within three years; The sales revenue and realized profit reached nearly 100 million yuan, achieving a second doubling. We are committed to a direct sales model from farmers to the general public. Rongsheng Company has an exquisite e-commerce operation team. The company not only has its own Taobao enterprise store, but also the mobile client platform commonly used by consumers today.

In order to achieve this goal, the company actively expands its sales work in domestic and foreign end markets, highlighting the basic characteristics of the company's products "black land, mineral water, and good grain" at a favorable time for shifting and upgrading in the consumer market. It adopts a combination of online and offline methods to carry out marketing through multiple channels, expand the brand awareness of the enterprise and products, and achieve a good situation of double harvest in the domestic and foreign agricultural product markets.

Rongsheng Company will strive to create a full industrial chain for seed cultivation, sales, agricultural product recycling, processing, domestic and foreign market development, and internet e-commerce O2O. At the same time, it hopes to explore a new path for the transformation of the non-public economy in Oroqen.

The enterprise will steadily develop towards collectivization, industrialization, and globalization, continuously gathering industry elites, introducing advanced production equipment, enhancing the cultural connotation and core competitiveness of the enterprise, integrating advantageous resources, and striving to create high-quality agricultural product brands. Realize value and give back to society.