Brand story


LOGO Interpretation

Sun: Symbolizes dedication and implies that Rongsheng Company will do its best to help those who can.

Xiangyun: It symbolizes auspicious clouds and expresses the wishes of auspiciousness, celebration, and happiness, as well as the beautiful longing for life.

Mongolian yurt: symbolizing the safety and auspiciousness of our home, symbolizing Rongsheng Company's love for our hometown.

Mai Sui: symbolizes rebirth and prosperity, implying that Rongsheng Company is looking forward to a bumper harvest for farmers and the company's achievements.

Field: symbolizing "mother", nurturing all things, symbolizing Rongsheng Company's focus on agriculture and caring for farmers.

Gratitude gesture: Gratitude for nature's feedback. The moral is that Rongsheng Company is grateful for everything and virtuous in the world.